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For the DJIA Here In as Predicted in Chart 2 while Absolutely Reporting  Corporate Operations with a Single Percent Amount as Never Before Quantified in a Portfolio 


A major personnal household move has postponed a New Marketing Approach for the 

Technology to Mid-December While Maintaining Data Accuracy Each Day



I here-by offer to the SEC or another Government Agency the Corpirate Revenue to Start Paying Off the National Debt generated from the Entire Patent/Trademark  (AB$%) Technology Via the Trump Administration for $1 per Year in my behalf.

In Addition All Daily Advertising Revenue produced by the SEC for  the Equity Market Place for Stock & Fund Data will have a 1% Royalty payable to myself & my heirs Quarterly   


In the meantime 

 It is Yours Individually for the 30 Stocks that comprise it Every Tuesday & Thursday Noon for $49.50 a Quarter in Chart Form on the 3rd Tab


 From the Absolution Percent that Ranks Each of 30 with the AB$% in Grid Format 

While Predicting Growth or Lack of Over 25 Days Individually & as A Whole  

Example Below 


Statistic, noun. an estimate of a parameter

Statistics, noun. the mathematics for the collection and interpretation of numerical data

Probable adj. likely to happen, reactively likely but not certain 

Prediction noun. make known in advance

 Where as 

 A Statistical Probability has been given  Arithmetic Certainty to Predictions for a Stock Price, a Currency Exchange Rate, the Net Sale Dollars of any Business; because 100% is Never Wrong


You must send a request for a 30-day free preview of the current day files.  At the end of the 30-day preview, you may choose to continue access by making an online payment.

 As Ranked 

Chart 1 Below are the 30 Stocks of the Dow Jones that should coincide with any replacments of the components by the powers that be. They are in high to low order of the AB$%® bearing the results of the Four Variables within the First Patent for a Portfolio 


   Sales Dollars &/or Cash Receipt, Benchmark #1 

   ROI OiBiTDA Dollars, as Benchmark #3 

   Shares per $1000 for a Single Stock Price

   Quantities of Each Stock in a Fund/Portfolio


The 4th deimension stock growth or decline was added thanks to the Quotient Actual from the Earned Hours for Net Sales or Cash Receipts in Grid Format versus those Paid with the decimial amount of .00437 per the Patent. 


      100%  ABOVE or BELOW as in a Stock

   Bank of America from the very start of recording the AB$% has been around 100% with ROI's approaching 20% most Quarters while not apprreciated but the public with a price as low as $7 per Share.


  Amazon in & around $1000 per share only offers a single digit ROI where .1% is a low as it gets. Overall size of Corporate managmment is more important that a lower base for growth. Any split renders a new ROI at the split rate.  

   100% as in my Portfolio  

Where quantities of shares per $1000 invested is the answer from lower priced with high ROI's. mingled with current glamor stocks & other favorites.


The format below is demonstrating its use for Mutual Funds where Investors come in & divest at the Benchmark #3 rate per Paid Hour that virtually represnets the cash value of the investment  ROI. 

The DJIA as an Every Day All Takers

Investment Portfolio & Economic Indicator



The $25 million dollars of Value & Indicator of 460,000 shares represents those allocated in proportion to 80 billion outstanding for each of 30 Coporations as they may change each quarter. The daily closing price of each stock are fixed as 1000 shares every other trading day (25) & 13,000 shares in a Quarter's within the cells of the Patent's 13 weekly grids.   


Within the Grid is where I tested & succeded in using the Patent's decimal quotient calculation of Paid Hours divided by Sales Dollars of a Coporation. The "Quotient Actual"  is meant to prove the statistical word "probable" of 300 years. I think I succeded as it does for the predicitng the whole of the DJIA & each of its Parts each day below from one 25 day cycle to another. 


As a summary that should but does not coincide some what  in time with the unlimited DJIA amount. The Index needs reality that would function as intended with a name change to the D30 Curve  model created by the patent with a majority owner of all the technology & AB$%. 

For the Record this is the DJIA on Oct .30 2017


That will be Predicting the Close on Thur Nov. 30 in 13 Cell Grid Format  

Further proof that the DJIA is the Sum of its Parts as well as Bank of America not being part of it using the cycle's Quotient x Earned Hours being 100% as it is for all of the corporations. 

Perfecting the Patent's Technology Fixed at 1000  AB$% Points by dividing the Price per Share by the Absolute Percdnt Fixed of the D 30  Curve  & Econimic Indicator to Equal 100% & 1000 Points 
Chart 7 left is the 1000 Point AB$% D 30 Curve Economic Indicator


The allocation of Outstanding Shares is also meant to be the means for Bank  Depositors to partcipate in 25 million dollar lots of 30 Dow Stocks as discussed above.  By which the Banks could avoid all banking regulations by doing the purchasing for the $25 first in the exact proportions as also being predicted through out this website.
Also the means for the every day worker to particpate in the growth of the US Economy at $62.00 per share instead of the ETF at $200 plus.  
Chart center is the Cap Value for All Outstanding Shares in billions of shares for
Direct Shareholders of 30 Corporations
Equal to Six Trillion $$   
To the extreme right is the DIA SPDR ETF daily as multiplied by the closing price of the
DJIA on NYSE that Equals
3 times the $6 Trillion Outstanding Shares  
From Billions of Indirect Shareholders on a Cloud as Concocted by Wall Street

      Sales Efficiency + Labor Efficiency Always = to 100% for Any Business

As Predictable Quarterly after its first Actual Use

Its 1st Use Example  

The chart below is meant to extend the Quotient Actual of a stock price to the dollar & cent cost of a Labor Force for any Business. However it may fluctuate during 13 weeks each quarter as collaborated by dollar reporting to the IRS regulations. 

But more important as with a Stock Price 

Every Dollar Amount of Net Sales Earns more or Less Hours to both Grid Totals with a Change to the Percent of Efficiency that Changes Totals & the Prediction 


Within the Grid the daily Quotient Actual AQ earns hours versus those paid among three dollar variables as Patented: Bx #1 Net Sales Income, Bx #2 Payroll Costs, & Bx #3 OiBiTDA Dollars. The three work in tandem as in the chart.


  Hours Earned from Sales 57,276/ 52,465 Paid Hours  = 109.2%



Payroll Dollars = $14.940 per Paid Hour vs.

Hours Earned  $13.685 or -9.2% more     

to Always = 100%  with  Sales Efficiency as Patent Designed



Net Sales Totals, in this case Cash Receipts were intentially made very irratic in amount for the last grids of the chart (as predcitable for the next quarter) while analyzed in total with the previous quarter. $352,777 more with a volume & rate per room breakout). 


While not Predictable for OiBiTDA Dollars from Net Sales or Cash Receipts such Operational Data Benchmark #3 with its relationship to a Stock Price is analyzed versus the Prior Quarter  $35,328  more per Hour. 


Hospital Operating Rooms would have their own Quotient  Earning  Hours form their Paid Hour Personnel    


Borrowing from the Patent Text & the Last Chart   


   "There are no wrong OiBiTDA results for a Current Quarter when Total Actual Sales $$$ for a Currrent Quarter are multiplied by the Actual Paid Hours of the Prior Quarter divided by the Actual Sales Dollars of the Prior Q to = A Quotient as Such 


Figure 1 Total Employee Hours in a Quarter = # of Salary x 40

+ Hourly Employees Worked x 13 weeks =

Hours Worked as Patented for a Quarter


   Little did I know in the 1970’s when I compared Hours Paid to those Earned so much would be derived from so little. Such was from a manufacturing cost system for a Division under my controllership.  So much, being the Quotient when divided by the Net Sales Dollars (or cash receipts) of the Previous Quarter.


Any business user need not know the exact number of Paid Hours before its first use as the numerator regardless of the any head count. All of which I speak comes into focus from that which follows weekly across all the columns that equals 100%.


   Subsequently posting will be begin deviations with 100% while every Sale Dollar develops the facts of of net sale revenue whether cash receipts, billings or credit cards for what ever Hours Paid over 13 weeks.


   Soon after a user will begin to reley on his or hers own data with weekly averages in each cell versus those for prior weeks. Even 2 or 3 weeks to a current calendar quarter ended March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 & Dec. 31  or fiscal quarters for such companies will be good enough to solo for your own business for your own yearly quarter.


   Eventually your Quotient data & the deviations in totals will be managing your CASH IN. With this in hand along with weekly postings of the weekly net changes to one or several checking accounts in the OiBiTDA column you will have your cash profit from operations along with the analysis of the 3 Patented Benckmarks. 


  I am saying that TOTAL NET SALES DOLLARS are independent of the initial numerator and/or denominator amounts in the chart as noted by white on black cells. All Net Sales dollar postings subject all other Total Columns to change via the multiplication of the Quotient. 


  If the user of the Grid prepares a Quarter to Date operating statement for the exact days of the grid which is recommended, the net sales of week 13 would be adjusted to have the total sales agree with the statement that would also bring change to plus or minus 100%.


   To explain the above with very strange words never used for numbers in order to get the attention it deserves. NET SALES TOTALS & Cash Reciepts OF ALL WORLD PATENTED GRIDS HAVE A FREE WILL.  Hopefully you will accept the statement to use the Grid in many ways that the SEC should pursue. Over the years I have tried to convey all of the above from daily postings and charts within my prior web addresses & postings. I did not achieve one paying client thus all they has been put in internet archives.


Lastly & again per the Patent there are “No Wrong OiBiTDA* results, only real-time answers as to how and why Quarterly Corporate results change from prior SEC submissions.”   All the data are relative to Benchmarks 1,2, & 3 in comparison to the prior quarter, referred to as parameters after a full quarter of use.


   Here in as a retired CPA Corporate Controller of a very former Fortune 500 Corporation I am not looking for specific market help for the All World Grid and its Quotient. Both should be in SEC hands through partial Equity ownership of the Absolute Percent via an Investment Banker thru an IPO. 


Such an IPO would also bring to fruition the right for Shareholders to know Stock Price Tracking from Actual Trading Results for the past 25 days via Earned versus 13,000 Fixed Paid Hours per $1000 each day. 


PS: A 2nd PQ can be used for Cash Receipts ONLY with OiBiTDA being the weekly change to a Check Book that will revolutionize Accountability for Government Agencies &  Local Bank Operations.


   Although all of the above orignated in a manufacturing plant. Retail Giants can expose the mix of each Major Product Line from all the personnel in each Facility (specified in the Patent) as never available before.  Ditto for all products from each plant.      


Ps: for PQ that can forcast overall sales at the same time 



 To Summarize  

I hereby want to retain Merrill Lynch as my investment Banker to extend what I have done for 31 stocks & Net Sales World Wide.  Such a connection to the accounting world means that all Public Corporations can be ranked in descending order for Portfolio Investing while informing Business Management as to the efficiency of their labor force. All should be presented to the SEC to partially share in an IPO equity ownership as the quickest route to use by Shareholders & Businesses alike with Bank of America holding a majority ownership position (51%) at no initial costs.